Say hello to Luka.

A couple days ago, we turned from an Airstreaming family of four…
In labor.

To a family of five. Say hello to Luka!

We all love him so much. Especially his big sisters!!

We are home with him now. Waiting for the second he opens his mouth to tell us he is ready for his first trip in the Airstream. Hehe.

More posts on the way… as soon as we all get some sleep.

Night night,

  • Congratulations. He is beautiful. I am glad you had a boy. You would be missing out without at least one of each. Five can easily fit in the Airstream. Please enjoy your time with the precious little one and you will know when it is time to hit the road. I hope you will get some sleep in the next fee months.

  • Joe

    Beautiful family!!
    God Bless!!

  • Mona Heath

    Congrats!!! He’s absolutely beautiful and the girls look so sweet holding him
    Thrilled for all of you

  • wow!!! love the name luka, what a beautiful baby boy!! congratulations mali-mish family!!! xo, tiffany

  • Well Hellllllooooo, Luca, you beautiful baby!
    You are in for a treat, little man. Your sisters and parents are going to bring you on some fun shiny adventures. I look forward to meeting you & seeing your handsome smile.
    Big baby hug,
    P.S. I love your name!

  • Oh silly me, Luka.
    I love your name even more with a “k” in it!
    Say hi to your parents & sisters from us.

  • Congratulations! Wow, has it been that long since your announcement? Obviously so…haha! Two more and you will have caught up with us!

  • Wow! Soooo sweet. “I love little children, and it is not a slight thing when they, who are fresh from God, love us.” Charles Dickens

  • He is precious! Congratulations <3

  • jerry

    Hi Luka! Welcome to the Mali Mish adventure.

  • Thanks everyone. We are REALLY looking forward to our next adventure together as a family of five 🙂

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