Today we left Nashville and are so happy to have made the decision to stop here. It felt like the right one. And where else would Ava had a chance to dance her little heart out?!?! Music City was the perfect place to do so.

But before we headed out of town, we stopped by a Cracker Barrel to give it another try. The last time we stopped by one, we had the most over-the-top ridiculous are-we-on-camera waitresses. She checked on us every 15 seconds, I swear. But I am happy to report that the wait staff in Nashville are normal.
cracker barrel.

And we had to stop for gas too. Dan likes to fill up at truck stops, if possible, opposed to the neighborhood gas stations. Much more room for the rig and diesel is a guarantee. But you want to know something dumb? During our entire cross-country road trip, we always filled up at the regular pumps. But Flying Js truck stops have a RV section. How dumb are we?!?!! And some of them even have sewer connections too. DUMB DUMB DUUUUUUMB.
flying j.

The drive from Nashville to Memphis must have been pretty uneventful because this is my only picture during our drive…
nashville to memphis.

… until this. Oh oh. Thanks to a detour, we added an hour to today’s drive. Not fun. Especially for Mila and all of our ears.

We made a pit stop as soon as we could and would you beleieve it? We immediately found our favorite east coast chain, Steak n Shake.
steak n shake.

Boy we are going to miss this place. Dan and I even talked about opening one up in Ventura to lessen the sadness we are going to feel when this long road trip is over. I’m not kidding. Would you like fries with that?
steak n shake hat.

Just as the sun was setting, we finally got to Memphis. Graceland RV Park to be exact.
heartbreak hotel sign.

Graceland was on our list of things to see during our adventure and staying at a campground across the way from Elvis’s house seeemed like an obvious choice. All of the campground streets were named after his famous songs and his music was playing everywhere we went.
graceland rv park.

The poor kids were stuck in the car a bit longer than we liked so we quickly enjoyed all the amenities we could before it was pitch dark.


And tomorrow will be the day we see Graceland. My mom’s dream destination. And she still hasn’t been! I sure hope my mom doesn’t hate us forever. Did I mention my mom fainted when Elvis died and I saved the day? True story.
us at graceland rv park.

the end,


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