This morning we left our campground in Charleston, South Carolina to make our way north. And Ava left the campground in tears because she started to miss our doggy neighbor before we even had to say good-bye to him. On top of having a crying kid in the car, we also had a trash bag full of stuff we needed to donate. As we drove into the capital of South Carolina for the day, we quickly found a thrift store to drop off our crying kid old clothes and household items. Ahhhhhh! It feels so good to be reorganized again. But I doubt it will last long.
donation time.

Since Dan had to spend the day working and Ava was a sad goose, I decided to take the girls to the EdVenture Children’s Museum in Columbia, South Carolina for the day. There was plenty of parking for our rig in the school bus section of the parking lot. Bye Dada! Don’t have too much fun working. Hehe.
airstream parked at columbia children's museum.

As soon as we paid for our tickets and walked into the building, Ava freaked out. She saw a glimpse of a 40-foot statue and froze in her tracks.
one BIG boy.

With a little pep talk, I convinced Ava that she could walk into the museum and past the statue safely with one hand in mine and the other hand over her eyes. And it worked like a charm! Before you send me hate email for taking pictures of my scared kid, look at this.

She was totally peeking!

Once we were safely away from giant boy, we made it to the first exhibit. Finally. But then Ava said it was too loud. What is going on with my kid today?!?!?! Thankfully that phase passed pretty quickly once she saw that we could dress up as a fireWOman.
too loud.

I’m here to help!
firefighter ava.

But out of all the exhibits at the museum, her favorite was “The Little Pig”. A miniature version of the grocery store chain, The Piggly Wiggly. I’ve been to a lot of these fake stores in other children’s museum. And you know what? This one was the best.
little piggly wiggly.

They had an impressive assortment of fake vegetables and fruits. Great way to teach your kids about healthy snacks.

But she somehow ended up with a box of these guys. Something she calls “hamburger ice cream”. Who here is as surprised as I am? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
hamburger ice cream.

I hope you brought some cash because this bill is going to hurt.
pay up.

Next stop, the dentist. Looks like someone else must like hamburger ice cream a little too much also.
teeth cleaning.

Oh and where is little Mila this whole time? In her carrier. Not by her choice this time though. Just as we parked our Airstream, I noticed that she was running a fever. A 102 degree fever. Ahhhh. So she was banished into the carrier so avoid spreading germs… and catching new ones.
mila's fever is back.

The museum also had an art and crafts room for the kids. There were tons of supplies and recycled items for them to create anything they wanted.

There was also an outdoor area that teaches kids about watersheds and rivers… but when they are this little they don’t care about watersheds. They just want to play with little plastic boats. The red one, to be exact.

Just as the museum was closing, we felt a few rain drops and headed back on the road. Next stop, North Carolina. And don’t worry. I took a picture as we crossed the border…
on the road again.

An awesome one! HAHAHAH! Hey, I never said I was a good photographer, especially in the pitch dark.
north carolina sign. HAHAHA.

the end,


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