Today we had a choice to make. Spend the day at Easterlin County Park or head out? Hmmm. What to do. What to do. Just then Ava walked out of our bedroom with a HUGE mosquito under her eye. That settles it. We are out. Of. Here! See ya Easterlin. Next stop, Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach!!! Our 2nd KOA of the trip. Finally putting some good use to that annual member discount card we bought back in New Mexico.
lion country safari koa.

Once we were escorted to our site, we quickly set up, opened the windows for our cat, and headed right out of there.
our site at lion country safari koa.

We had another play date set up and Ava didn’t want to waste any time dilly dallying around the campground.
work out.

Not only was she craving some little people play time, she was also craving some doggy time. I hope Bosco the German Shepard likes to play with Handy Manny’s tools! 😉
ava with bosco the dog.

Between Ava’s not-so-subtle hints for a new dog and Mila’s giggling at the site of any dog, it is going to be difficult to say no to these two some day in the future.
giggling at animals.

Our play date choice of the day was Spanish River Park in Boca Raton. It’s really expensive to go to the beach in Boca if you are a non-resident. They usually charge $16 a car just to park near the beach. Crazy. But look how smart we are today. We got there around 5pm… just as the little old lady in the booth was shutting down her register. And you now what that means? It means we sneaked in and saved $16. Yeehaw!
spanish river park.

We decided to head down the the beach and check out what the fuss was all about. (Yes Paul, I am talking about you! Mr. Boca Raton visitor center himself. Hehe). But we ran into one little problem. We forgot Ava’s bathing suit at the KOA. Oops. What to do. What to do.
ocean at spanish river park.

Undergarments it is! This was Ava’s first time doing this and it took a few minutes of disbelief before she actually agreed to the whole thing. Sorry Boca.
oh my.

But if we didn’t let her, Ava would have never discovered your wonderful and empty ($16!!!!!)  beaches.
empty beach.

And all of the unusual shells and awesome coral pieces.
beach finds.

And the sand! It was not white as the other parts of Florida that we have seen. Nice touch, Boca.
dark sand.

And she wouldn’t have shared a million giggles with her new little friend.
fun with ethan.

So Boca, thanks for not arresting us.

the end,


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