Our Favorite Camping Spots in Southern California.

We have been asked a few times about nice places to camp in southern California. We spent a lot of time on the road so we actually don’t have a ton of experience locally. That said, we do have some  favorite spots we’d like to share from this part of the country. Some of these places we regularly visit while others we have only been once or twice. Nonetheless, we can not wait to go again whenever we get a chance. Here is a run down of a few of our favorite local camping spots.

(Yes, these are Yoda’s favorites too. )


Day 114: Heat wave in the west.

Why is this picture blurry you ask? Well, do you ever drive down a two-lane asphalt road on a hot day and see that distorted mirage down in the distance in front of you right above the road? This is just like that. It is so hot here now we are getting the heat shimmers inside Mali Mish. OK, not really, but you get the idea.

waking up for our last day in arizona.


A Rainy Saratoga.

Just a week before we set out on a cross country trip, we headed up the opposite direction towards northern California for a shakedown trip and to visit my mom and brother one last time.

This is how our girls look in the back of the van all packed in.


As usual, we chose to drive after their bed time so they can sleep in the van during the long haul. It is a good 300 miles from our house so we had close to 6 hours of road ahead of us.


Hiking at Malibu Creek State Park (Part 1).

After settling into our site for the night at Malibu Creek State Park, we woke up bright and early to prepare for a hike into the hills. Our goal was to visit the M*A*S*H site. Even though we weren’t fans of the show, it was nice to have a final destination. No need to pick a random spot to call the end of the hike. So off we went. To one side, we had some gray clouds. Hmmm.

And to the other side, we had some white clouds and blue sky. Not too shabby.
Hills 2


Exploring the campground at Malibu Creek.

After finally getting the upper hand on our unlevel site at Malibu Creek State Park, we got to sit back and enjoy the beautiful view from our Airstream… for a few minutes at least.
Malibu Creek State Park Campground

When you have a toddler, you don’t have hours and hours of nothing to do. Because there is always something to do. Like exploring the campground. So, if Ava sits still and “relaxes” for few minutes, we soak it in… fast!