If you had $65,000 to drop on a vintage trailer, you might want to pay good attention to this one. This is a 1950 Airfloat Land Yacht coming in at 24 feet long. They certainly do not make them like this anymore.


When I say they don’t make them like this, I mean like a big long can of SPAM on its side with submarine port holes for windows. Well, that what these look like to me and I think it is the nicest Airfloat I have ever seen. Wait til you get a load of what is inside.


This completely restored trailer actually has all of its original aluminum siding with over 600 hours of work put into it. Much of that surely went into polishing that corrugated aluminum. It has been lovinly named the ‘Villa Margarito’. If Mexico wasn’t so dangerous to travel into right now, this thing would be sitting beach side in San Felipe if I had the change to snatch it up.


The interior of the coach has been completely decked out with brand new mahogany paneling and custom-built mahogany cabinets. There is a very luxurious feeling you get when you step foot into this Airfloat much like what you would imagine James Bond owning if he was to buy a vintage trailer. The smooth Jame Bond like Sean Connery, not the rough and tumble Daniel Craig.


Aside from the plush leather double recliner chairs, granite counter tops, stainless sink and faucet and porcelain toilet, there is something even more special and unique about this Airfloat.


No, it’s not the double his and her beds.


Its definitely not the missing shower, even though that did intrigue me as to why the owner decided that a luxury vintage trailer didn’t need a shower. Well, to each his own I guess.


The secret actually lies beneath. Beneath this floor hatch.


A secret under-the-floor wine cellar. How cool is that!? That is taking space maximization to the extreme. Although you would think with all that space saved, there might have been room for a shower.


If you like what you see, here is the number you can call to get a closer view at this baby. Or go to there website at www.airfloatlandyacht.com.

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Vivian Thomas Dudley · January 12, 2013 at 12:16 pm

When I was first married in 1960, my Mother gave us a 35′ Airfoat Land Yacht as a wedding gift, to live in off base at Travis AFB, CA. I forget what year it was, but looked very much like this one, though longer and it had 2 doors, one in the bedroom as well. All the wood was light ash color and the bathroom DID have a shower, though very small. The couch made a fold down bed and I had it reupholstered in a beautiful tapestry fabric. The cabinet/desk next to the couch was lighted and I kept my collection of antique tea cups there. Across from the sink there was a fold up wood table and 2 chairs and above the cabnet was a built in TV. We lived in this very comfrtable trailer until after our second son was born in 1962. Another difference I just remembered was that the window above the sink was a crank out like those above the coucn and bed, not a porthole window. We sold the trailer in 1962 and moved into a rental home near Castle AFB in Merced. I still have fond memories of our first home and often wish we had kept it. I try to remember what I did with 2 babies in that small space, but I just can’t remember. We DID have a little fold up crib, but can’t recall where they slept. I’m sure that’s why we moved into a house. I always thought of it as a luxury camper. Good memories!

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