Icy Julian, CA.

Four years ago during one of our first trips to Tucson in our T@B trailer, we intended on driving through a town in southern California known for its small world charm and apple pies called Julian. Instead on the way there, our GPS  was convinced that we were off roading instead of driving on Interstate 8 through San Diego county. By the time it finally found itself, we were all the way to El Centro, CA.



Anza Bor-rainbow

Our first Anza Borrego trip started out as everything we expected. The cool, dry air, expansive desert scenery, bright starry nights were everything we wished for and then some.

Anza Borrego.

Ava and Mila especially enjoyed being in a giant sand box to drop and dig whenever and where ever . For example here, right in the path of oncoming traffic.


Morongo to Borrego.

The rain storm that came through while we were at Rincon Parkway turned out to be the worst storm of the season. It continued to rain for a few more days even after we left. Rather than trying to back the Mish down the narrow driveway with soggy mud, we just left it out on the street. Plus we knew it wasn’t going to be long before our next trip: Anza Borrego State Park.

Baby Aiden coming to visit.