So, as you saw in the last post, we sold our T@b trailer and Ava wasn’t the only one kinda sad about it. We only had our little teardrop trailer for about a year but it held so many memories for us.

Like our first trial trip with the T@b to El Capitan State Beach near Santa Barbara, California…
First picture with Tab

… where Ava fell in love with collecting rocks and her dismay to handmade wool hats from Peru.

Like the time we went on our first real road trip as a family to Catalina State Park in beautiful Tucson, Arizona…
Beautiful Catalina State Park, Tuscon Arizona

… where Ava and I went for our first bird walk, where she fell in love with her bedtime stuffed animal buddy, the prairie doggy, and where she got RSV and had to hospitalized for 8 long days.

Like when we built up enough courage again to take Ava on another road trip during Mother’s Day weekend to San Clemente State Beach
San Clemente State Park

… where she had a new tent attachment to play in, where she went cave exploring with a couple friends, and where she made another (!) trip to the ER because of a new respiratory illness.
Cave explorers

Hmmm. Two out of three road trips resulted in emergency trips to the hospital. This post isn’t sounding too positive but it all worked out at the end. It wasn’t the T@b’s fault. I swear. I blame the germs at daycare in combination to the dry air of our toasty trailer. We know better now. Warm dry air = bad. Cool humid air = good. Got it. Hey, we might be slow learners but at least we learn.

the end,

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Katie · October 10, 2008 at 9:58 am

Oh man, when I first read this I thought Ava was sick from touching a prairie dog. The prairie dogs right outside the Badlands National Park have plague but of course we didn’t find this out until after I was within a few feet of them taking their photos. Luckily the ones in the park are good for now. But I guess this RSV was caused by something different.

I wish you luck in getting sponsors, it’s a tough job, like a full time job pretty much. Are you going after companies or just hoping they’ll find your website? You must go after them and when they tell you no (like T@B told us) you must not take no for an answer and continue to pursue them until they say yes! Feel free to email me ( if you have questions.

I’ll be reading because the writing is good.

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