Day 113: Grand Canyon National Park.

Today is our official day to tour the Grand Canyon National Park after getting into town around dusk yesterday. The weather is definitely getting much warmer even at this high elevation so I can’t even imagine how hot it is at the base of the desert in Arizona. Ava is ready with her sunglasses and hat and even a couple of dandelions as mini-umbrellas for some much needed shade from this heat wave.



Day 89: Into the Great Smokies.

Last night getting to Asheville, North Carolina was another late one. Google Maps let us down again and took us to a Walmart that was not there. Running low on fuel and driving in the windy and narrow roads of the Great Smoky Mountains looking for an alternate boondocking place caused just a little bit of anxiety for Marlene.

asheville walmart.

We woke up in the morning and got a real sense about what the Great Smokies are all about. The fog sure makes everything a little blurry. Or maybe that’s just our camera..


Day 23: Padre Island and a RV Resort in Port Aransas, Texas.

We got into Corpus Christi, TX pretty late the night before and found a Walmart to boondock at for the night. It was our first night of boondocking since replacing the house batteries in Tucson. I wanted to make sure it was working properly and it would handle our power load when we are not plugged in. The last time we boondocked in Tempe, Arizona, we woke up in the morning with not enough electricity to even run the fridge on propane mode. Our new batteries on the other hand performed like rock stars all night. They provide enough juice to let us even run our TV in the morning for Ava to watch PBS kids before we left for Padre Island with power to spare.