Kentucky: September 2014.

By the time we left West Virginia, we have only 4 states in the middle of the country left to visit in the lower 48. We have been to Kentucky already a couple of times and spent almost 3 weeks here cumulatively but it is still very exciting to be back. Kentucky has really grown on us and especially since we have some great friends that live in this state which makes coming here all that much sweeter.


Massachusetts: August 2014.

Leaving Portsmouth, New Hampshire and entering Massachusetts, we knew we were getting ourselves into major metropolitan areas for awhile. This is pretty much the edge of the extremely dense population in the Northeast and we are not going to be getting out of it anytime soon. As much as we Read more…

Maine: August 2014.

Crossing in to Maine we took a lot of the smaller county roads and experienced some amazingly scenic countryside. There was a lot of road ahead of us since we were trying to get as close to Acadia National Park as possible and start there as a home base to Read more…

New Hampshire: August 2014.

Heading into New Hampshire’s northern region, we really didn’t know what to expect. Luckily for us we know someone back in California who grew up in this state so we got to hit up our friend Sara for some recommendations.



Ohio: July 2014.

As we made our way out of Michigan, we continued our way east into the state of Ohio. Last time we came through here, we were headed south to see the Airstream factory in Jackson Center. This time, we are sticking along the coast of Lake Erie. We’re now back Read more…