Up to Missoula, Montana we go.

From City of Rocks National Reserve we made it to Idaho Falls for the night. We had originally considered finding a place to stay for a couple of nights but decided it would be best to continue to push on so we can meet up with Jeff and Lisa and make our way into Montana by evening. After a solid morning of work, we hitched up from the Walmart at Idaho Falls and made our way to Big Hole National Battlefield.


Joshua Tree and Pioneertown: April 2015.

For the last few months we have been anticipating our friend Nathan and Renee of Wandrly to make their way west so we can spend some time together. Last summer before we headed out to the northeast, we got to see them in Sequoia National Park and then again in Lone Pine. We once again got to hangout when we both made it to the midwest in Michigan. Now they have finally made their way into California we planned a get together at our favorite dust bowl: The Joshua Tree Dry Lake bed.

We're not afraid of no dust. #wegotourprotonpacks


Trona Pionnacles and the Eastern Sierras: March 2015.

After a few weeks of doctors appointments and other mundane obligations, we got the hell out of dodge once again and made our way to the desert. Our friends Maggie and Ryan @kaplandia wanted to plan a get together and we suggested the Trona Pinnacles just outside of Ridgecrest at the southern end of our favorite Highway 395. We have never been and thought if we went any later than March it might get too hot.


A loop thru the Southwest: January and February 2015.

In between doctor’s visits and other family obligations while we are in southern California, we try to spend as much time in the Southwest this time of year as possible. For the last few years, we have made it a tradition to hit a few of our favorite spots and also try to see some new ones. We once again left the bustling highways of Los Angeles and headed for the dusty desert roads. This time, we started at Mojave National Preserve.

How long will you guys keep living on the road for, they ask. Until it doesn't feel right anymore, we answer. As of this moment, it feels very right.


Anza Borrego: New Years 2015.

After spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with family in southern California, we made our way back into the California desert just before New Years. We really missed this area after spending the spring and summer across the northeast. Our time just before Thanksgiving in Joshua Tree was such a blast that we made plans to meet up with more full timers in the desert of Borrego Springs.

Let's cook.



Minnesota: September and October 2014.

We rolled into Minnesota from the southeastern corner along the Mississippi river passing smaller towns like Winona and Red Wing. Our goal was to make it near the Twin Cities so we can have a couple of days of down time to hang out with some friends we have in town.



Chapter 2 of My Dell Venue 8 7840 Tablet Review

I have been using my new Dell Venue 8 for awhile since I first received it back at the end of March. As I wrote about in the last post, it does some pretty amazing things. One of the features I had wanted to try was the Intel Real Sense feature that allows the device to detect depth using its built-in cameras. How it works is that this camera actually has a total of 3 cameras in the back. One of them is used to take the 8-megapixel photo (though sufficient for online use but it is not the highest resolution for a device that touts it ability to manipulate photos) while the other 2 are used to measure depth.