As a kid in Las Vegas, there isn’t a whole lot to do. After all, it is Sin City. Pretty much the opposite of what you want to teach your kids. If there is one place on the strip to take your kids, it is Circus Circus.


Circus Circus to adults is probably one of the most depressing places to be. There are no glamorous and classy shopping mall nor are there any 5 star restaurants. Instead, they rent spaces along the casino halls to outside vendors who sell cheap China-made goods and serve up McDonald’s fast food in the food court.

None of those things seem to bother the little ones once they saw all of the carnival games.


Just like any of the ‘adult’ casino games, pretty much all of these are rigged in their favor.


Lucky for us, we found a game that worked for us so we wouldn’t go home empty handed.


Ava got really into this one. She’s lucky they didn’t call security.


Two bugs, a Melody from Hello Kitty and a Chococat was the final loot we took away from this place. Don’t even ask how much money we spent to get them.


Before we left, the girls got to do two of their favorite things, at the same time: Riding a merry-go-round and eating ice cream. I wonder at what point in your life do you start to realize that Circus Circus is a dump?


The girls were pooped out from all the games.


Even Ava took a nap on the way back to the campground.

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