Enough of this techy stuff. It’s time to soften up this blog a bit!!

I am a huge fan of Etsy. As I am of Anthropologie. And this week my heart broke a little when Anthropologie’s big sister, Urban Outfitters, pretty much stole a line of necklaces from a small guy gal on Etsy. People were going nuts. But then a little article came out on Regetsy about people on Etsy stealing from others on Esty and it shut some of them up and for others, added more fuel to the fire.

But I am not hear to preach to you about how stealing is wrong. I am here to help you do a little shop shopping for your Airstream and/or home.

I’ve stumbled upon a couple awesome prints on Etsy that are fitting for those of us that enjoy the road. This first one by The Wheatfield is my favorite. It is currently sold out but I’m sure it will be back in stock soon. And when it is, I am buying one ASAP… unless you swoop in and get to it first. Damn, maybe I should have kept this my little secret.

This same seller also makes this gem. True that, Wheatfield. True that!

Then there is this sweet little postcard for only a buck twenty-five. What a deal!

Which reminds me our our little photo shoot with our toy Airstream. Hmmm, maybe we should set up a Etsy shop too? 😉

And on top of having unique prints, there is also a good handful or two of other handmade Airstream goods. Here is a little sample of my favorites. A cute camping card; an Airstream dog collar; Mi casa es su casa Airstream banner; and a custom Airstream journal.


And if vintage is your thing, check these babies out. An actual vintage Leg-0-matic folding chair made for Airstreams back in the day; an awesome vintage toy trailer that reminds me of The Shady Dell; a ‘God bless our camper’ plate; and last but not least, an actual vintage Airstream.


Folks, don’t get mad at me if you max out your credit cards today. I am just the messenger.

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claire · May 29, 2011 at 4:58 am

Nice post! Totally lusting after the prints…
Hope you guys are well.

Terrah · May 29, 2011 at 6:42 am

Ohh! I love these! Thanks for sharing 😉

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