Sometimes you run across a trailer that is in amazing condition and you just can’t believe that is is over 50 years old and it has not be restored. This 1959 Globetrotter 18 is just one of those.


Of course it is not 100% original as things like the curtains and flooring will fade and wear beyond ‘mint’ condition even if is left unused. Aside from those items, this Globetrotter has all of its original furniture as well as its appliances just as the day it left the factory in Ohio.


OK, there is one more custom feature, the mirror-like polish on the aluminum was and still is not an option from Airstream. The owners of this beautiful vintage trailer spent weeks (probably more like months) getting her to look like this after perusing eBay one night while sipping on a few cocktails.


The couple from Orange County took a leap of faith and bought this Airstream sight unseen basing the condition solely on the words of the seller and some of the photos they saw.


That is what you have to do sometimes to find a gem like this. It is definitely a gamble that paid off handsomely. Knowing that a vintage trailer is in its original condition and getting to see, feel and smell it is like stepping into a time machine. The 1959 Globetrotter is one of the few Airstreams that did not come with a shower but is otherwise self-sufficient.


What is a trailer like this if you don’t have an equally amazing tow vehicle to go with it? I am guessing this Chevy has had a little bit more work done to it over its life time.


I don’t know that the owners paid for this trailer but I am guessing it was a fair amount seeing that they have now opted for Coca Colas instead of Martinis. Drunk eBay’ing is always a dangerous proposition.

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james printy · October 26, 2014 at 1:08 pm

I own a 1959 Airstream Globe trotter. My Airstream has a shower and toilet in the front right corner. Your article said that the 1959 globetrotter had no shower.. Either my title is wrong, or your article is.
Would you share with me the information you have on the authenticity of your articles information.. About the shower… Maybe I have a one of a kind 1959 Airstream globetrotter.
Have a great day..

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