So not all vintage trailers at Modernism Week 2011 are about stayin true to its original form. In fact, some of them are beautifully done in an entirely modern way. And when they throw in free vodka tasting into the equation, I think we have a winner.


This Airstream Safari is polished to a mirror shine and Ava loves that she can see herself in it.


Inside this 1960s vintage Safari, you will not find the nostalgic motif you would expect. As a matter of fact, you will not even find a galley, dinette or a bathroom.


Just as many vintage Airstreams that have been converted for commercial purposes, this one has been converted to a lounge with lots of velour-covered cushions and a wet bar. A lot of vintage Airstreams such as this one have decided to customize versus doing a faithful restore. Most of it has to do with the condition of the trailer before the restoration starts. This being a trailer that is never meant to be slept in, this is definitely a good way to go.


This one, made to taste gin and vodka in, was created by the Bend Distillery out of Bend, Oregon. And of course, what good is this visit without sampling some of their tasty concoctions this Safari is made to promote:


The great people at Bend Distillery had on hand some of their amazing vodkas for a free taste. One of the most amazing ones is the espresso-infused vodka. It tastes amazingly like an espresso drink that I couldn’t figure out if I should drink it in the morning or after dark. Maybe both.


I may wear out my welcome here. Catch me if I fall.


Ava! Don’t go yet! I am not done here!

over and out,


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