I feel like I need to first apologize to the loyal readers of the blog for our recent vanishing act. Maybe you guys thought that we loved Albuquerque so much that we decided to settle here for awhile. The reality is that we made our way home to California a week after we left Albuquerque and have just been overwhelmed with static life. Everything seems so much more complicated when you live in a house. Our house is not big by any means at around 900 square feet. But when compared to our 25 foot Airstream, it is a mansion. So many more places to clean, so much more space for the girls to drop their toys and so much harder to keep everything tidy. By now we are already dreaming of another extended trip which should be not far in our future.


Here is the last picture we took before entering back into California.


And here is the first picture we took once we are back in.


Sorry if those 2 other photos are not the most inspiring road trip snap shots. How about this one of the mighty Colorado river?

I am going to try to finish up the rest of the trip later this week so come back and check on us soon! We have also been on a couple of local trips since we got home so shortly after we finish posting about our trip, I will post those up.

over and out,


Freely Living Life · September 8, 2010 at 5:10 am

Well there you are!! =)

No need to apologize!! Life passes you by while your blog will always be here waiting for you! Glad to hear you are out there living and enjoying life and time with your family.

Looking forward to seeing more pictures and following another one of your grand adventures!

Say Hi to the ladies for us!


Tonya @ Live the Adventure · September 8, 2010 at 7:46 pm

Finally, someone that I can relate too! We moved out of our camper and back into a stick and brick the end of July and I’ve felt very overwhelmed by all the responsibilities that I forgot I had. I wonder how we ever survived washing clothes once a week instead of five loads a day! And there are floors to vaccuum and larger bathrooms to clean. Friends to entertain, a house to furnish, a new job for my husband that we all need to get used to. It is an adjustment. I’m already missing some aspects of our previous lifestyle- though settling down certainly does provide some benefits as well…a bath tub…a normal size closet….privacy….hmmm…did I say privacy?!?!?

Blessings to you as you adjust to your own new adventure! 🙂

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