Our Airstream came with the A/V package that is really nice to have to keep Ava entertained when we need to work. And when we are working inside Mali Mish, we sit at each side of the dinette where we can have a nice view through the wrap around windows of whatever view we happen to have that day. It is a beautiful thing.


But there is one small problem…

The speakers on the inside are mounted directly beneath the overhead storage compartments. It is right above our heads as we sit at the table. As they are pointed downwards towards the floor, unless you are sitting at the dinette, you have to turn the sound way up or you can not hear it at the gaucho seat. Exactly where Ava likes to sit and watch a little Wow Wow Wubbzy. You would think we could just turn the volume down on the speakers and only use the sounds from the TV. But that does not work when we are watching a DVD. The TV speakers are disabled. Time to go back to the drawing board.


The only option we have is to turn the sounds up so she can hear her favorite cartoons but it is much too painful for us sitting directly below the speakers. We needed a solution and it came from a little dome that our Airstream’s entertainment system was bundled with that looks a little like a miniature, green R2D2.


This little guy has been living inside the hallway closet of the Mish for the past year. It is actually a wireless outdoor speaker made by Advent (ADV-W801) than receives radio signals from a little transmitter connected to the stereo. It is not necessarily the latest technology or the best of its kind but it does the job well. It is meant for casting your tunes from the stereo to the outside of the Airstream while you are grilling up a nice piece of rib eye or enjoying a cold one under the awning during a hot summer day. We found another use for it.

Being parents to a toddler and an infant, we won’t be having very many cocktail parties at the picnic table outside. Just as we thought this useless wireless speaker system was taking up too much of our precious cargo space, we have found a use for it that is making it irreplaceable. We are now glad to have a this little droid ride along with us.

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