On Friday, we left for another little adventure down the street. To a place called Malibu Creek State Park. I just love the feeling of being in the van again with the Airstream in tow… especially as we just start pulling it onto the open road.

Don’t you agree, Ava? AVA!!!! Oh wait a minute. She’s still at daycare.

We usually hit the road directly from the house. But this time, we decided to leave right after daycare. It took a couple trips around the block to find a big enough parking spot for our set-up but we eventually found one.

When we entered Ava’s class, she was busy making her bed. Making her bed? That never happens at home. Never.

Ava was a little concerned to why we weren’t parked in the normal parking lot.

But then she saw it. She saw the Mali Mish.

Yeah!! We’re going camping!! YEAH!!!!!!

Stay tuned for Day 1 of our trip to Malibu Creek State Park.

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