If you have been following our tweets on the side bar, you would have noticed that we had been communicating with someone named lukira. Well, Lukira is actually the twitter handle for the Browski family who has been full timing all over the country for the last 17 months! First they started out in a VW Eurovan and just earlier this year, they moved up to a 27 foot Airstream Safari.

The Browski Family

For the last few days, we had been trying to find a place to meet up while on the road. Started out in Arizona where they were headed back up to the San Francisco bay from the last leg of their 30,000 mile trek. We were always just about a day ahead of them and finally they decided to just stop by our home town in Ventura, CA so we can meet up for lunch. And lunch we did.

Rich and Lisa Browski have 2 adorable daughters Luka and Akira. For the last 17 months, they have logged 60,000 miles all across America. You can keep updated with their travels on Twitter or see the great places they’ve been on their Great American Road trip at Flickr. They are the kind of family that really inspire you to go out there and hit the road. At the end of their 30,000 mile trek in the Eurovan, they were T-Boned by a driver fiddling with his radio as he blew across a stop sign at the intersection. Luckily no one was harmed and it gave them an excuse to upgrade to their current Airstream Safari.

Rich and I share many common interests including the love for the road as well as all things technology. Rich shared with us his experiences of working on the road and what has and hasn’t worked for him. It is going to help us tremendously once we hit the road full time. We hung out at a park and chatted while their kids played for hours before we realized how much time has passed. Rich and the family loaded back into the Toyota Sequoia and headed a little more north to check into their camp for the night at Ocean Mesa.

This is the second family we’ve met in 2 weeks and it is unbelievable how much in common we have with both of them. Like the Luhr family, The Browskis are winding down and settling into their home base for awhile before heading out again. We seem to be hitting the road when people are just getting done with theirs. We are looking forward to meeting more great families on the road and if you are one, give us a shout and we’d love to meet up with you as we cross paths.

P.S., Luanne Mattson from the Cochise County Tourism Board was kind enough to link to our Bisbee/Karchner Caverns post from her Cochise County Tourism Blog. Check out her blog and discover all the great places in Southern Arizona.

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