Hi there! Welcome back. It’s Day 6 of our road trip and we are still at The Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona with our Airstream, the Mali Mish.
Mali Mish at The Shady Dell

Here is a little sneak peek for you of the awesome vintage trailers that they have here. This will have to keep you satisfied until we create a “special post” just for this place. David and Carrie stayed in the little one with the red stripe on the far right. I love how each trailer has its own artificial lawn, pink flamingos and white picket fence.
The Shady Dell - Small Trailers

The gazebo area separates the vintage trailer section from the RV parking section. Ava got really into throwing leaves up in the air with her Uncle David.
Throwing leaves

When Dan and I were planning this trip at home, we planned on staying only one night in Bisbee. Now that we are on the actual trip, we realized that wasn’t going to work for us. Picking up and traveling every day is just too much trouble. Plus, we weren’t going to have enough time to enjoy the places we were in if we stuck to that plan. So we cut the Chiricahua Mountains and a few other recommended places to our dismay but we’ll catch those places the next time we hit the road for the longer trek across the States.
Historic Bisbee Sign

We decided to take it slow today. Real slow. We spent the day in downtown Bisbee. Walking around. Checking out the little boutiques.
Downtown Bisbee

Riding in explosive mine carts.

I'm the King of this Mining Cart!!

Having a toddler with you means that sometimes your sight-seeing trips will be cut in two halves because of nap time. So we left David and Carrie in town while we headed back to The Shady Dell. While in town, they decided to take the Queen Mine Tour. The tour takes visitors deep into the old mine that was once extremely rich in copper ore.
Queen Mine Tour

They got to don hard hats, miner lamps, yellow rain coats and all… just as the signs required. Back in the mining days, they supposedly kept mules down there for 5 years at a time. After those 5 years in living in complete darkness, they had to completely cover the mule’s eyes the first day out of the mine and in the actual sunlight. And each day after that, they would poke a small hole in the cover… and continue that process every day until the mule’s eyes were readjusted to the light.
Use Su Casco

After nap time, we rejoined the miners. I got the bright idea to actually put money into a gumball machine to get a couple toys for Ava. Pablo the Penguin and a Go Diego Go. Up to this point, she had been fine with just “window shopping” the gumball machines. Oh great. I might have released a monster. I guess I’ll find out the next time we pass one of these again. Who am I joking? Of course I released the gumball monster! I better start keeping more quarters in my wallet from now on.
Ava's First Gumball Machine

We stopped at the Bisbee Grill for some dinner. I usually don’t blog about what we eat for each meal because it would be too exciting for you to read and you might explode or something. But check out the soup Carrie ordered. It’s three times the size of her head! It still makes me giggle. We almost had to sit at another table so we could have some space for our normal sized plates.
Carrie and the biggest soup bowl in the whole wide world

That’s all for today. Gotta run.
Run Ava and David. Run.

the end,


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