Dan is in the dog house. He used my camera last night to take a sunset picture and forgot to change the ISO sensitivity back. So all my pictures today are grainy and just plain yucky. How embarrassing. But if you look on the bright side, it was a travel day for us and not a sight-seeing day. So I might forgive him by the end of the day… maybe.

After three nights at Catalina State park, it was time for us to head to our next destination… Bisbee, Arizona. It took a bit longer that expected to pack up and get the Airstream ready for the road again. I’m sure after a few more times, we will become old pros.

Our gray water tank, that holds our sink water, was full since yesterday. Because the dump station was located down the road, we decided not let any more water down the drain instead of attaching the trailer to the van and dragging it back and forth. It was going to be way too much work, especially since we would be dumping all of the gray water out in the morning before we headed out to Bisbee.

Dumping gray water

We try to plan the longer parts of our drives during Ava’s nap time. For some reason, she was really fighting it today. Whatever I did to try to calm her down was the wrong thing to do. I could not win. But I refused to give up. Especially since I had a secret weapon with me in the car today.
Ava fighting her nap

As you can see, the secret weapon worked like a charm.
Ava alseep

Ava’s Uncle David was here! He couldn’t join us at the start of our road trip because of a show. But he took the bus for 12 hours to meet up with us in Tucson. And whenever Ava is upset in the car, we just put in her favorite CD (Pink in the Sink by Novi Split… aka Uncle David) and she calms down within seconds. I’m sure he just LOVES listening to himself over and over again but we had to do it for the sake of some peace and quiet and for a happier baby in the afternoon.
Deets saves the day

After about 90 miles or so, we reached The Shady Dell in Bisbee. The Shady Dell has about 10 restored vintage aluminum travel trailers that you can rent out. They also have a boat and a bus you can rent out too. On top of that, they have a section for those who are pulling their own trailers, like us, with full hook-ups and wi-fi too.
Vintage Trailer at the Shady Dell

David and Carrie decided to rent out the Crown trailer for a couple nights. As soon as they unlocked the door to it, Ava was inside playing tea party. More pictures of The Shady Dell tomorrow. More CLEAR pictures.
Tea Time at the Shady Dell

By the time we settled in, we were more than ready for dinner. We tried to call a couple pizza places in town but they were closed for the night. So it was up to Chef Boy R Dan to make us some dinner. He whipped up salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and candied pecans, bread, polenta with tomato sauce, and leftover sauerkraut. Yumm. After that feast, I guess I can forgive him for the blurry pictures.
Cooking it up

the end,

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Jess Giessel · August 11, 2009 at 6:06 pm

My grandparentsd had an identical Crown when I was a kid… they sold it in Puyallup, Wa in about 1966. Grandpa had built in a tiny bed for me when I was a baby… high on the right saide as you faced the rear bed. I would LOVE to find it!

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