Ava is still to small to sleep on her own on one of the beds in the Airstream. Since she still sleeps in a crib at home, I have a feeling that she would roll right off of it. So, having her sleep on one of the beds in the rear half (living/dining room) is out of the question for now. And having her sleep next to us on the main bed, like she did in the T@b, is NOT a long-term option. Believe me. This kid likes to kick and punch and pinch in her sleep. Seriously.

During our test trip to Lake Isabella, we decided to set up Ava’s portable crib in the kitchen walkway of the Airstream. It worked out for the most part but was a little inconvenient. 1) She’s getting way to big for it 2) it takes up a lot of room, 3) it is raised up off of the floor and thus close to things she shouldn’t be touching, and 4) a pain in the ass to set up and break down everyday.

So, we are off to plan B. Dan was kind enough to order this AeroBed for Kids via Amazon earlier today. The sleeping part measures 50″ x 25″ and is surrounded by a 4″ safety cushion that will hopefully prevent Ava from rolling onto the floor. It should fit nicely in the walkway area and hopefully spare us from some of the cons I was complaining about a little while ago.

But the true test will all be up to Ava during our next planned trip, which happens to at the end of the month to southern Arizona. I sure hopes her prairie doggy gives the bed a thumbs up. And if he doesn’t? Well, then I will have to kick and punch and pinch right back. (j/k.)

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