On Sunday, we left the Airstream parked in front of our house so we could spend the day mopping its dusty floors, inspecting every nook and cranny, and admiring its beauty from our dining room as we decorated Halloween cookies with Ava.

I swear that more frosting and sprinkles ended up in her mouth and on the floor than on the cookies she decorated.
Taste tester

Ava’s cookies are the greenish ones on the upper right. She likes to mix the colors together just like she does with her play-doh. She no longer has cans of blue, yellow and purple play-doh. She had three cans of blueyellowpurple swirl. That’s my girl!
Ava's cookies on the right. Grace's cookies on the left.

As you know, the Airstream can’t sit on the street forever. We’ll have it move it onto the driveway sooner or later. And on Monday, when the fire department drove by our house in their intimating white four-door sedan, we found out that it better be sooner than later.

the end,

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