… and it has Airstream written all over it.

So, I have a little story to tell. It’s about ‘our’ Airstream. You know the one. The one with the cheeks that I want to squeeze? Yeah, that one. Here it goes…

After visiting a couple dealerships, we narrowed down the specs of the Airstream we were hoping to buy but none of the dealerships carried our choice. So we were back to window shopping via the internet. And low and behold, we found it on craigslist. A ‘new’ 2007 Airstream International Ocean Breeze 25FB and it was sitting on a dealership lot down in the San Diego area.

The good news was that is priced ridiculously low. The bad news was that it is a bank repo. Ughhhhh. A repo? Come on! But it didn’t end up being as bad as it sounded. The bank repo’ed the trailer from a going out of business dealership and not from a family who had their road trip dreams squashed and then decided to booby trap the toilet with firecrackers (ouch!) and write profanities all over the aluminum exoskeleton (might sound cool to you now but Ava will eventually learn to read, people!).

We had to jump on it if we wanted it. So, sight unseen, we placed a bid on the Airstream and the bank accepted our offer. Yippee. Sure we never saw it in person but if it didn’t meet our expectations based on what we saw via the internet pictures of it, we could back out.

We overnighted our thousand dollar deposit to the dealership on Tuesday and left a message for them that we will be down there over the weekend to finalize the paperwork. On Wednesday, no word. On Thursday, still no word. On Friday, finally a call back… but with bad news.

Our repo’ed Airstream had been REPO’ED BY ANOTHER DEALERSHIP!


You heard me correctly. No need to re-read that sentence. I guess our San Diego dealership was not an authorized Airstream dealership and shouldn’t have had any on their lot. But it wasn’t the dealership’s fault. The stupid bank placed them there and told them to sell the Airstreams. AHHHH!

So, ‘our’ Airstream was no longer ours. It was moved to an authorized dealership in Orange County. We no longer owned it. And our thousand dollar check was already cashed.

So what did we do? We did what any rational human being would do. We used every curse word known to mankind… 10 times over. Oh, don’t worry. Ava was still at her daycare so put the phone down. No need to call Child Protective Services.

We also stomped our feet, pouted and vowed never to do business with that OTHER dealership. Never! And how could we. They stole our Airstream from under us, our dream, and they would certainly charge us an arm and a leg more for the Airstream we got such a sweet deal on. They had to, right? Those bastards!

After the steam stopping pouring out of our ears as if we were cartoon characters, Dan called up the OTHER dealership and told them they were assholes our sad sob story and that we were on our way for a visit.

To find out how it went with the OTHER dealership, you’ll have to come back tomorrow.

until then,

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