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So, as you recall, we were in the market for a used Airstream International Signature Series 25FB. I guess you can say we were pretty specific on what we wanted. We preferred to buy a used one from someone who was looking to part ways with theirs but strangely enough there weren’t too many on the market. So we headed to one of our local dealerships in Southern California to check out their inventory. And low and behold, they had a 2007 with our specs. The modern interior was clean, slick, and accented with orange.


Could this be the one? We can’t buy the first one we looked at, right? Would that be responsible of us? I would normally answer these questions with a ‘Yes, we bought it on the spot anyways!’… but not this time. We told the kind salesman that we could not buy the very first one we looked at… even after he knocked off $12k on the spot without us even asking.

How very grown-up of us, huh?


So, we then headed to the their competition to check on their inventory. They also had the same model as the other dealership but they were all 2009 models and WAY too expensive for us.

Dan asked me to step inside one of the International Ocean Breeze models. I looked at him and repeated what I said to him earlier during our window shopping.

I definitely did NOT want the cheesy Ocean Breeze model. No way Jose. Over my dead body. It’s my or the highway. You hear me, Dan?

After he rolled his eyes, I figured that he heard me loud and clear so I gave in and stepped into one of the Ocean Breeze models.

Yuck, this is soooo 80’s. Gag me with a spoon.


Bamboo handles? Palm tree curtains? Thatch flooring? What the hell? Why are we pretending to be from California? We ARE from California. And this is supposed to be a trailer, NOT a boat!


I huffed and puffed and ran out of things to say. Dan then asked me to step into the original sleek and modern model I had my heart set on. We sat at the dinette, looked at each other and both agreed that it felt claustrophobic. Did I just agree with Dan? Touch my forehead. Do I feel feverish to you?

I refused to believe that there was THAT much difference between ‘the one I loved’ and ‘the one I despised’. But there was. The Ocean Breeze was light and airy and California-y. And the Signature Model was not. It was now dark and depressing and closing in on me. How is it possible that the loved one and the despised one have now swapped places?!?!?!

So, now we were off to look for an Ocean Breeze… with the caveat that it was okay for me to ‘redecorate’.

Airstream International Ocean Breeze

Stay tuned…

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