San Ignacio, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Our next stop on the road through Baja California Sur is the small town of San Ignacio. We heard that it was a date palm oasis in the middle of the desert but were pleasantly surprised to also find an old church and square when we pulled into town.

The stunning Mission San Ignacio was founded in 1728 by Juan Bautista Luyando.

I’m a huge sucker for old churches and graveyards, well… anything old really, so we took a quick stroll through the mission and its grounds.

The old lumber, the peeling paint, the faded statues, the stone floors, the smell of the concrete walls. I love it all.

Opposite of the mission sits a square that the center of town surrounds. The kids immediately got down to the business of playing tag on the slippery tile.

It didn’t take long for one of many stray pups of Baja to join in on the fun.

Luka wipes everyone’s kisses. Mine included.

The kids insisted that there was one thing missing from the town’s square. Gargoyles! So here was their best impression.

After our visit in town, we drove down the road a bit to settle into a campground for the evening.

We ended up at Camp Los Petates. We found a spot right on the water, looking at a date palm oasis.

The kids immediately found bamboo fishing poles and tried to catch us some dinner.

Hey, Mila! What’s so funny.

Yeah, those American Coots are pretty funny.

The main part of the campground was pretty packed with campers by the time we arrived.

We ended up setting up shop closer to the road since there was an empty spot at that end of the campground. The road noise ended up being a non-issue since the town is pretty small and most people prefer to not drive at night.

San Ignacio ended up being a one night stop for us since Dan had a week off and we wanted to see as much as possible.

Before we left town, we ended up at campground/hotel/reastaurant called Rice & Beans in order for our friend Nathan to pick up a package he had shipped. Ends up that getting mail shipped to Baja is pretty unreliable so he had to get it rerouted to another town.

We took advantage of their amenities though. The kids soaked their little toes in a freezing pool. Thanks God there was one of those patio TVs.

We also grabbed a bite to eat at their restaurant. Mila was quiet happy with the cat situation there.


Our breakfast of choice is coffee and chilaquiles.


Hey kids. Next time order your own chilaquiles. Hands off.

Before we left San Ignacio, we noticed a sticker from a surf spot called C Street in our old hometown of Ventura which made us smile.

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