Oh, Sequoia National Park!


We knew that our friends from Wandrly had finally made their way south from wintering in Astoria and we were finally crossing paths again since we met last summer in Banff, Alberta Canada.


They had been settled at a private RV park just outside of Sequoia National Park and we decided to make ourselves at home in the park.


We stayed at the first campground in the park as all of the others are in much higher elevation and have small sites.


For the day, we drove up to see the giant sequoia groves.


Just the night before, the temperature had dropped and the kids got to see some real snow. Our lives sort of revolve around chasing good weather so snow is a rarity for us.

He's not the tallest, widest or oldest tree in the world. But he is the biggest. General Sherman is a Sequoia tree that only grows on the western side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. By volume, no one has him beat.

Here is General Sherman in all his glory.


He is not to tallest or the widest tree in the world but he is the largest by volume.


Here are our little ones with a couple of Wandrly’s littles.



It’s ok. The snow is fresh and not a drop of yellow on it.



We spent a lot of time at the campground just hanging out. Our site was huge and we took full advantage of it.



We also are here to meet up with Eric Bricker. He is a documentary filmmaker who is making one on Airstreams.

Spent the last few days with the awesome Eric Bricker at Sequoia National Park as he pieces the story of Airstream together for his new documentary. If you haven't yet seen his award winning film about mid-century modern architecture #VisualAcostics, make

We are very excited to be part of this project. Let’s hope at least some of it escapes the cutting room floor.

Had the privilege of spending the last couple days in Sequoia National Park with our new friend, the awesomely talented Eric Bricker. For the last year, he has been piecing together the story of Airstream for a new documentary film. If you have not seen h

We drove up to the giant sequoia groves again the following day with Eric. Some of the snow stuck around but none of us dared to eat it.

This one is named Robin. There was also Rosie and Mr. Fluffycheeks.

That means we made snowmen galore.

The girls eventually got use to having Eric and his camera around.

Eric is a super awesome guy to be around. One of those guys that is born to be a documentary filmmaker. He is so easy to hang with and naturally put people at ease.

Years from now when the kids are grown and out on their own, we will be glad to have all of these photos and blog posts of our time together in the Airstream. Now we can add these last few days with Eric Bricker and his forth coming  documentary to that l


All I can hope for is that the kids didn’t say anything embarrassing on camera.



Actually, lets hope I didn’t say anything embarrassing on camera.





The film is still under production and expected to be out sometime in 2015.


For now, we have lots of Pixar movies on the computer to keep us entertained.

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