Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

This morning we are taking one of these little ones to the doctor. Not the one with the apple skirt, not the one holding the ball but our cat Yoda. I suppose Yoda is not really a little one. At 10-years old in cat age, she is more like the oldest lady here.

Day 138: A trip to the vet.

We have been noticing her acting just a little different lately. She seems to be a little moodier than usual. She had some red spots in her litter and also been over grooming herself.

Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

This is all part of being on the road with a cat. We can’t take her to her usual vet so we had to find one here. We found one near Islamorada where we were yesterday and called to get get an appointment for today.

Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

We suspected in might be related to the same problem that caused her to be on her current prescription diet. She has had a bladder infection in the past and we think maybe it might have come back.

Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

Luka isn’t the only one getting shots on this trip. Today Yoda joined him by getting a shot of her own. This shot is antibiotics for her infection instead of giving it to her orally. The vet thinks that a single shot that last several days is probably better than trying to force feed her a pill everyday like we had to do last time. If you have ever tried to give a cat a pill, you’d agree.

She also recommended that we feed her more wet food as she might not be getting enough fluids. She also recommended to add some salmon oil into her diet. I don’t think that will be a problem. She is a cat and she will probably drink salmon oil straight.

Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

After we got back, we resumed our daily staring out into the sea routine.

Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

We met our neighbor from 2 sites down. They have been here for almost their max limit of 14 days and still can’t get enough of Long Key. They are from Connecticut and have had this site booked for nearly a year. Their trip had to be completely planned around this reservation which is what most people here have had to do.

We have been really lucky to get these sites in the keys only through last minute cancellations so our trip can be more flexible. If you would have asked me when we were going to be in the keys back in July, I would guessed October or November. That means we would have had to forego much of our visits in other states to make it here if we had reserved sites ahead of time.

Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

Our Connecticut friends had been trying to catch fish while they are here without too much luck. This is one of the few they have caught here. I think this little guy is a boxfish. To get yourself a big catch, you really need to be out near the Bahamas on a boat.

Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

In case you were wondering what Ava was drawing in the sand 3 pictures up, this is her masterpiece. Mila and Luka are missing because they are snoozing away at the moment.

Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

A few sites down another Airstream pulled in a couple of days ago. We have not met them as they have not been at their site. It seems weird to not be enjoying your time at the beach while you are here but I think I understand. This is actually what we usually do when we get to a new town. We park the Mish, load back into the car and go check out the town.

Day 138: Visiting an island vet.

We have again a new neighbor next door to us. They are also gone all day and only back at night to sleep in their popup. The nights here are so dark which makes it a great place to look up at the stars as there are hardly any lights polluting our views. Except for this new neighbor who has decided to leave their very bright porch light on. All. Night. Long.

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  1. Thuong nguyen December 23, 2012 at 12:44 pm #

    Hey nice campsite. Have a safe and warm new year! From the nguyens in the northeast.

  2. dan December 23, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    Thanks Thuong! Hopefully you are not completely frozen in Philly!

  3. Bob Fryling December 23, 2012 at 6:29 pm #

    Just came across your posts. Sounds like you are living a wonderful life with your family. As the weather gets a little warmer, you should travel up to Charleston, SC area and go on line and find the camp ground located at Edisto Beach, SC. It’s a great family beach, lots to explore and just south of Charleston.
    Hope Luka is ok an merry Christmas to you all.

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