Our four night stay at Fort Wilderness in Disney World has come to an end. We are all a little sad to go but our wallets can’t take this place for more than the 4 nights we have already spent here. The campground is pricey at $65 a night but what killed us more were the 2 day passes we bought for the Magic Kingdom for 4. Thankfully, little Luka was free. But I must say that this campground is well worth its price. There are so many people here but you hardly see anyone, rarely have to stand in lines and getting to the Magic Kingdom is just a short boat ride away.


Today we are heading out of Orlando and going south to Boca Raton to courtesy park at a friend’s driveway. But before we make our drive today, we stopped by the town of Winter Park, just outside of Orlando, to peek at a sample sale and get some lunch.


My favorite stationary brand, Rifle Paper Co., has a shop in Winter Park and I was dying to go. I can’t get enough of the hand-painted illustrations created by owner, Anna Bond. The girls are always game for a quick shopping trip. They love pointing at things and asking if I like them or if I want to buy them. And Dan, he rolled his eyes a bit but got over it because this cross-country trip of ours is truly “our” trip. Our daily activities don’t just revolve around what Mommy and Daddy want to do or what the kids want to. We all get to see things that interest us. And the funny thing is, one person’s interest usually turns into a family interest. Like back in South Dakota, I really needed to go see the house Laura Ingalls Wilder used to live in. That day had a profound affect on us. Laura entered our lives and now we listen to her books on tape in the car and something really clicked for Ava when we visit other sites in that same era.


The sample sale was awesome and everything I bought was 50-75% off. Score. And my purchase was tucked away in our Airstream’s closet with no problems. I would have loved to buy one of their tablecloths or even get a custom portrait done but those two things were not included in the sale. Boo hoo.


Right next door is a cafe called Dexter’s that was pretty darn good. My black bean burger was delicious. If we stayed near town, I think we would have returned. Especially since they have $1 burger nights on Wednesdays and $1 champagnes on Thursdays.


The rest of the drive was uneventful. So much so that I forgot to take pictures. I guess you can blame that on the cute little mouse that somehow brought smiles to our faces and wore us down all at the same time.


the end,


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