Last night we slept at our first Cracker Barrel and survived. I can’t even count how many times we’ve slept in Walmart’s parking lots but for some reason we were a little scared of getting a knock on the door in the middle of the night at a Cracker Barrel. They don’t really have signs that say parking overnight is okay or not okay so we are always a little apprehensive about it. Now that we survived our first night without an incident, I think we will consider it as a boondocking spot from now on.

Day 124: Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney World.

After filling our bellies, we headed on over to Fort Wilderness Campground in Disney World. The girls were sooo excited about finally getting here. Mila exclaimed “I want to hug Minnie and Mickey and Jessie and Woody and Slinky the Dog! I want to hug everybody!!


Since we were going to be here for 4 nights, we immediately settled into our site. Awnings out, carpets out, chairs out, exersaucer out. We were like “real” campers. Haha.


The bathing suits were taken out of our summer clothes suitcase, winter coats were put away and the girls could not be happier. Who wants to go swimming? MEEEE!


It’s hard not to get sucked up in the magic around here. Dan and I both feel like little kids again. Except we get to drink beer and wipe little kid butts.


These two have been asking for a pool day for months and now they got it. You can’t fake smiles like these.


The first started off in the little kid section that had a double slide and water shooting out everywhere.


Then they decided that they are big enough for the two story slide. Ava did this slide a few times on our last trip two years ago with some coaxing. We didn’t have to coax Mila today. She wants to do whatever her big sister does… at least once.


Be brave, little one!


Her face is priceless. I can’t stop laughing. She did it! Yeah, she complained about water in her eyes but I would too 🙂


We thought today was the perfect time to put Luka in the pool too. The last time we tried to put him in a pool it was only 12 days into our trip and he was only 3 months old still. It didn’t go too smoothly.


But today? Today he was all laughs. Being in the water was the funniest thing ever. He seriously couldn’t stop laughing and splashing.


The girls got to pick out one treat from the little store at the campground. Mila could not resist the huge lollipop, which ended up all over her face and hair and bathing suit and everything else in her path.


Back at the campsite we made some burgers and enjoyed our meal outside, under the trees, without any bugs. Not sure what Disney does to get rid of their bugs, but the rest of Florida should take note.


When the sun set, we headed on over to the Chip ‘n Dale sing along. The chipmunks…not the strippers. Get your head out of the gutter, people! They set actual wood burning camp fires for everyone to roast their marshmallows and then a cowboy gets on stage for the sing-a-long while Chip and Dale come around for hugs. After the sing-a-long, there is a free Disney movie on the big screen. Mila was really into dancing her little heart out but Ava was more reserved this time around. No dancing for her because everyone will laugh. I guess that phase is starting already 🙁 But when we did the hokey pokey in a large group with all the kids and adults, Ava didn’t care if anyone laughed. We were all laughing and dancing and having a grand ol’ time.


Can you please check out this campsite? Can you believe it? And I was impressed that we busting out of chairs. Haha. We’re area obviously Disney amateurs.


the end,

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Ian Poulin · September 8, 2014 at 8:54 pm

Do you recall what loop/space you were in and how it was in terms of both location and ease of entry? I am thinking of bringing my serenity 28 down there come February.

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