Unlimited mobile broadband for the traveler – Unplugged.

The key to staying on the road is to live on the road. I know that probably sounds obvious but the definition of ‘living’ on the road means you will need to be financially sustainable while on the road. Luckily for me, I am self-employed and required only a steady and unlimited Internet connection to be able to do my job. But that is easier said than done.


Back in 2008 I blogged about what my strategy was for connection to the Web from the road. Since then, practically every mobile broadband provider have instituted a 5 GB monthly limit on 3G data usage. For me that is a major deal breaker. Although it is possible to find WiFi connections for the occasional large data consumptions, our needs far exceed what would be considered occasional.

Our search for an unlimited 3G broadband provider took us to a little company who resells Sprint’s service in Oregon called Millenicom. They offer a month-to-month plan that costs $70 a month but promises to offer a true unlimited data plan. Even though it’s $10 more than the plan offered directly through Sprint, they do not charge additional taxes and fees which might end up being cheaper. There have been months on the road where our monthly usage exceeded 15-20 GBs which would have been obscenely expensive on a traditional plan.

Check out this little video of our 3G broadband set up. I have added a portable power source to the system and is now truly a portable solution.

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