Finally, as many of you might be starting to rejoice once you hear this, we are at the end of our Modernism Week Vintage Trailer Show series. This is officially the last featured vintage trailer of the series and soon we will move on to posts focused around us that promises to be much less interesting.


This 17-foot 1960 Caravel is owned by none other than the wonderful Kristiana Spaulding of and If you have not heard of her, you should head over to her websites and check out all of the great Airstream-themed jewelry and interior trailer design.


Aside from the Caravel, Kristiana brought a fair amount of her hand-made jewelry to the trailer show for display and sale.


Ava loved every single one of her necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are not cheap but definitely worth every penny.


The Caravel had an amazing Capiz shell chandelier from the Philippines as its main lighting and the rest of the decor can only be described as vintage chic.


Much of the Caravel seemed to be in original and excellent condition for a 50 year old trailer. As popular as Caravels are, this particular one has a rare feature not found in very many Caravels of this vintage. It has a rear bed and the bathroom in the corner. It makes the layout extremely useful and actually more in common with the more modern Airstreams than others this age.


If you like what you see, I have good news for you. You can take this baby out for a weekend over at


Something that we don’t see very often on our blog is a picture with all of us together. Kristiana was gracious enough to offer to take a photo of us and just like her jewelry and silver trailers, it is a masterpiece.


I hope you enjoyed this long and drawn out series of vintage trailers.

over and out,

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Monica · May 13, 2011 at 11:01 am

This is SUCH a wonderful write up about Kristiana and her Silver Trailer 🙂 I am so envious you were able to meet her!! She is a total inspiration to me with all of her talents and how she lives her life pursuing what she loves to do! Thank you so much and I just love following your adventures 🙂

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