During our last trip to Las Vegas, we got to hang out for a bit in this beautifully refurbished custom Airstream.


Well… OK, it’s not OUR Airstream (I wish, and for good reason which you will soon find out). We are just visiting, but isn’t it nice? Check out the nice patio set that is set up right behind it and the not-at-all-cliché map of the U.S. made from each state’s license plate on the wall. But something is not quite right…


Ava really enjoyed hanging in an Airstream and was surprised to see how different it looks from the ol’ Mali Mish. She was really puzzled to see that there are these big blue, marbled balls right in the middle where the dinette table is suppose to be….


She got really confused when there was no kitchen, bathroom, shower or even a bed to sleep in! What the?!?! This doesn’t look anything like our Airstream!


Welcome to the Shady Cove Lounge Airstream Bowling Alley at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas. We didn’t actually get to hang out much in there but it was pretty cool to see a familiar shape right inside the casino. The trailer looks like it is wider than its original width to accommodate the two-lane bowling alley. It is obviously a lot longer than anything Airstream ever made but it is still the same iconic design.

Airstream bowling

Next time you are in Vegas, swing by the Silverton Casino (right next to Bass Pro Shop) and bowl a couple of frames!


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