I don’t know if it’s the weather or what… but it’s confession time once again here at Mali Mish. You see, I have a secret to share. About our bathroom situation. Actually, not just one secret, but two. I’ll start with number two. Ahmmm.

I don’t let Dan go ‘number two’ in the Airstream. He gets banished to the public restrooms. I just don’t think that little fan in the bathroom is strong enough for what Dan would be cooking in there. And if that makes me a mean wife then a mean wife I am! But you can’t call me a mean blogger. I spared you from posting pictures. You’re very welcome.

Alright, now that THAT is out of the way, on to confession numero uno. The shower. We hadn’t used the shower for it’s intended reason up until our most recent trip. Up until that point, the shower’s main use was for storage.

But over New Year’s, we did it! We took a shower in our Airstream. And it was FANTASTIC!! No more worrying about what gross germs the previous person had. No more cursing that all the hot water is gone. No more uncomfortably strong streams of water making Ava grab onto to me for dear life. No more!!
First shower in the airstream

But we did run into two teensy weensy problems. See this plastic thingy that is supposed to keep the water in the shower. Well, it doesn’t stay put near the right hand side of the shower door and therefore does not keep the water in the shower. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

And our second teensy weensy problem? Even though I try my very best to conserve water when not rinsing off soap or shampoo, I also seem to fill our gray water tank a quarter of the way each time I take a shower with Ava. If I do the math, a quarter of our 37-gallon gray tank is 9.25 gallons. That seems like a lot to me too. 🙁 Things are going to have to change. And quick. We are off to boondock for an entire weekend very soon and I better learn how to conserve… or learn to stay dirty.

Any suggestions on our shower situation would be super!

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Roger · January 15, 2009 at 12:44 pm

The bathroom situation is kind of reversed for my wife and I. I choose to use a campground bathroom whenever possible, especially the number referenced above.

As far as the shower goes. We use ours a lot. My wife exclusively of any other facilities. I used to avoid the shower due to the lack of water flow with the factory shower head. However we have have an Oxygenics shower head (they have them at CampingWorld) and now I prefer to use the trailer. Yes it does fill the gray water tank. When we are going to dry camp, I will take our BlueBoy with us to help out, or if no one is around, just drain it in the bushes.

In our ’92, the shower door was a hard plastic that folded like an accordian. It wasn’t very watertight, even worse after it started cracking. I noticed that Airstream started using a shower door in some trailers called a Shub. It is very similar to a rollup blind, but standing on end. It slides in and out and we haven’t had any leaking problems since. I don’t know if you can retrofit or not.

I sure have fun reading your blog, it gets updated so much more frequently than mine. Hope to meet up with you sometime down the road.

Rich Luhr · January 16, 2009 at 9:30 am

I bet your tank monitor is lying to you. They aren’t accurate. If you really used 9 gallons, you’d run out of water. The hot water tank is only 6 gallons and the heater can ‘t replenish it fast enough, so if you really used 9 gallons you’d know it by the cold water!

Still, there are tricks and techniques to taking a low-water-usage shower. See our blog on the subject: http://tour.airstreamlife.com/wordpress/?p=959

By the way, I love my shower for the same reasons you spelled out. Having a shower and a bathroom of one’s own is a major reason to travel this way! I’m not very interested in taking a “Tour of America’s Public Restrooms!”

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