Days 19-20: San Juan Island, Washington.

So many of you might know that we are woefully behind in this blog. These posts are dating back nearly 5 months. Part of the reason is because we are clinging to the daily post format. Although we are not officially abandoning that format, but for the sake of expediting the pace as well as getting our memories documented before they escape us, we will be switching to more of a location-based posts until we are up to date. With that out of the way, enjoy reading about the rest of our time on San Juan Island.



Day 15: The Olympic Peninsula and Its Rainforests.

There are many people who dislike spending the night at a Walmart but not us. We welcome it. It is one of the constants of our life on the road. Even when the Aberdeen Walmart parking lot was a giant construction zone, we slept like babies. In the morning however, we did blast out of there since we knew we had a lot of road to cover in order to make it to Port Angeles via the long but scenic way.