Building the Electrical System for Our Sprinter Van

Building an Electrical System for Our Sprinter Van

One of the more complicated part of building a van for many people is choosing the right equipment for the electrical system. Selecting electrical components for your build can have long lasting impacts on how you use your DIY camper van. Will you have enough power to charge all of your devices? How will batteries get recharged when they are low? Where and what kinds of outlets do you install? And most importantly, how do you build such a system by yourself and ensure that it is safe?

Of course these were all questions we had for ourselves during our van build. Luckily for us, we have many years of full-time living in campers under our belts so we knew just exactly how we would use our electrical system. By no means did we build a ‘spare-no-expenses’ ultimate system of our dreams. We had limitations to work with but we tried to build the best system we could knowing our limitations.


Sprinter 4×4 Camper Van Build: Day 13.

Last night, Dan actually drilled a solar pre-wire hole in hopes that we could cross it off the list and thus be able to re-install the headliner today. But after a late day of installing windows, it wasn’t the best choice because today we realized that we skipped a couple steps. We forgot to install a rubber grommet to prevent wire chaffing and also forgot to paint the exposed metal. Doh. No worries. It all got done today. For the project we bought this solar panel cable entry cover.

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