La Tiendita Mexican Restaurant.

During our travels in the Airstream (aka Mali Mish), we run across some of the most amazing little restaurants that make our hearts pitter patter and our full stomaches asking for just one more bite. Instead of keeping them a secret for ourselves, we are going to be kind and share the details. Bless our hearts.

Over New Year’s break, we spent some time camping with our Airstream in San Onofre, California. Dan had an early morning conference call so we drove into San Clemente so he could steal borrow the Wi-Fi from Starbucks and so Ava and I could grab a bite to eat. There were a few greasy spoons within walking distances but none of them were calling our names. We were just about to give in as I caught a glimpse of this place from the corner of my eye. La Tiendita Mexican Restaruant. Whenever Dan and I need to make a decision on which unknown restaurant to try, we usually steer towards Mexican food… and 9 out of 10 times, we make a good decision. This was no exception.
La Tiendita