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Up to Missoula, Montana we go.

From City of Rocks National Reserve we made it to Idaho Falls for the night. We had originally considered finding a place to stay for a couple of nights but decided it would be best to continue to push on so we can meet up with Jeff and Lisa and make our way into Montana by evening. After a solid morning of work, we hitched up from the Walmart at Idaho Falls and made our way to Big Hole National Battlefield.

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Idaho: June 2014.

On our way out of Oregon, we tried long and hard to figure out how we can make it out to Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area in Idaho without adding a ton of miles to our travels. After a lot of research, we decided that it was not meant to be this time around. We found questionable cell reception at the campgrounds and the trip would likely have added several days to our visit. After all, we are not on vacation, this is our real day-to-day life and sacrifices are the norm.


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Day 36: An Airstream birthday party.

Dear Mila,

TODAY YOU ARE FOUR YEARS OLD! Woohoo! And you have spent half of your birthdays in the Airstream 🙂

This year you requested a My Little Pony party. Ahem, excuse me, a PINK My Little Pony Party. And that is what you got. I hope I never forget the look in your eyes when you first woke up in the morning surrounded with pink balloons and ponies ponies ponies.


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Days 34-35: Back into the US and to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho we go.

We split from the caravan and headed west from Banff in order to make our way back into the United States through the top of Idaho. Our original plan was to head over the Calgary to check it out but not having steady Internet and phone is becoming a bit of a drag. After having been with the group for the last couple of weeks and with the Works before that, it will give us a chance to spend some quality time alone for a change.


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