San Onofre-San Mateo Campground.

Blue sky

We ended up camping at the San Mateo Campground in San Onofre during New Year’s week for 5 nights. If I had to rate this campground, I would probably give it just an average score. We haven’t been to too many sites so far with the Mali Mish Airstream but Catalina State Park in Tuscon, The Shady Dell in Bisbee and El Capitan State Beach just outside of Santa Barbara are still my top three campgrounds so far. And if these are my references, San Mateo is just “alright”.

Camping at San Onofre State Beach

This week we are finally back on the road again. This time, we are headed down to the border of San Diego and Orange County to camp at San Onofre State Beach. Actually, the beach campsites are closed in the winter time so we settled for San Mateo Campground a mile inland from the beach. I know, it’s difficult.



Merry Christmas.

Hi there. I went to see Santa the other day. It didn’t go so well. Not well at all. I seriously need a mini-vacation after that fiasco. Thank goodness there is one planned just around the corner. love, ava

The RV Web: Chapter 2 – Wireless Broadband.

WiFi hot spots are one way for a road tripper to get online. But there are obvious limitations with it as discussed in a previous post as part of this ongoing RV Web series. One of the more widely available broadband option is likely right inside your pocket as we speak. Your phone.

With today’s smartphones like the Apple iPhone, Palm Treo or Blackberry, many of the Web tasks can be easily and quickly done directly from the phone. Email, SMS, IM and even Web browsing are possible with some of the latest mobile browsers. One of the best features on today’s smartphones has to be mapping tools such as Google Maps.


My Secret WiFi Hot Spot Weapon.

Just as with any wireless hot spot, you are only able to get online if you are within about 150 ft of the access point. That’s if the campground has an outdoor antenna broadcasting its Internet signals. At the Shady Dell, the new owners offer free wireless Internet for all of the campers but only if you are within range. It seemed like that the access point is inside the registration office and not really designed for long range transmissions. It would only send a short 50 ft radius around the building.

The Shady Dell in Bisbee is known for its collection of antique trailers that are for rent to visitors nightly. They also have a number of pull-through and back-in spaces for people like us who brought their homes with them. Unfortunately, we are not within close-enough range to get a solid wireless Internet signal. Lucky for us, I came prepared with my own ‘space needle’ wireless antenna.



Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Hi there. I’m Ava and welcome to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum!! I got into the museum for FREE but my parents had to pay $13 bucks each. I guess they are in the 13 years old and over category. Who knew?!?

There are many knowledgeable people scattered all around this mostly outdoor museum. Like this lady. She kept going on and on about a tortoise. I’m not sure if she forgot to drink her coffee this morning or what, but that is a turtle, my friend. A. Tur. Tle.


Food, Food and More Food.

I love food. The fact that I love it so much is probably the reason why I’ve often been called ‘husky’. Even as a little kid I have been a big eater. Being always active and athletic has prevented me from falling into the category of morbid obesity. I guess that’s until 3 months ago when I broken both of my arms and when all activities ceased. It’s a long story involving a hill, a sharp corner, a skateboard and a concrete sidewalk. If you are really intrigued to read more about it, check out this blog post and see it from Ava’s perspective.

This was a bad idea. A fun idea, but a bad one…

But I digress…