Building your own electrical system in your camper can be a scary and daunting task. There is no shame in hiring a professional to make sure it is done right and done safely. But for some of you, building your own can be an exciting challenge.

If you fall into that second category but have been overwhelmed by the vast amount of information online, I have been putting together some beginner friendly articles on our FreelyRoaming blog to help you along.

The first 3 articles in this camper van electrical series is available over there right now if any of you are interested. The first one talks about the different levels of cost and complexity to a system and all of the parts involved.

The next article gets into why this might be the best time to upgrade your batteries to lithium.

And lastly you can learn all about how to size your solar system so it matches you battery capacity properly.

We have and will be sharing a ton more DIY and How-to tutorials over there as FreelyRoaming is a dedicated blog we created to help people thrive in this nomadic lifestyle. I hope this series of posts can help some of you get over the hump of tackling your own electrical system build.



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