Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

From Page, Arizona there are basically 2 routes out. One is to head south on Highway 89 back down to Flagstaff. We’ve been through Flagstaff several times and it is not that exciting so we chose the other route to head north west through southern Utah. As far as I am concerned, anything involving southern Utah cannot go wrong.


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How to Repack Your Axle Bearings.

Last fall when we were in Las Vegas I spend the time and effort to repack all of my bearing on my own for the first time. We have always had it done by others in the past but it feels good to know that the job is done and done well by myself. I documented the job on one of the wheels to illustrate to you my process. Click here to read all about it. Enjoy.


(FYI, I am not a professional mechanic so please do this at your own risk!)



An Introductory Guide to Boondocking.

I have been asked many times about tips and tricks to boondocking. How do we keep batteries charged? How to minimized our water usage and where do we fill and dump our water tanks? All that and more is discussed in a new page I created for this blog. It will live as one of the main navigational links on the top of the each page. I plan on writing more resources like that to go under a new resources section in the navigation in the future. Click here to read all about boondocking.