Seward, Alaska.

Seward, Alaska is a bustling port town and the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park. Back in 1964, the Great Alaskan earthquake of magnitude 9.2 immediately sank the entire waterfront of the town. The town decided to not rebuild on the land that makes up the new waterfront. Instead of building on Read more…

Driving the world famous Alaska Highway.

We woke up Sunday morning just a week after we traded in the van for our new truck and got ready to start our push through the Al-Can highway through Canada and into Alaska. In the last week, I have already driven more than a 1,300 miles and hopped on a plane to San Francisco and back to Edmonton. Between Jasper and the border of Alaska we are looking at roughly a 1,500 mile drive while expecting at least some of it to be rough and under construction. We would normally prefer to drive no more than 200 miles per day even when road conditions are good. That means it would take us more than a week to cover this distance if we drove every day. In anticipation of this journey and the lack of Internet connection along the route, I took the whole week off from work so we can try it push out more miles each day.

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