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Vintage Airstreams.

Back in August, we attended an awesome Airstream rally called Alumafandango in Colorado. While we were there, PBS was interviewing a few vintage trailer owners. Our friend, Diane, was there with her vintage Wee Wind Airstream and was interviewed for the segment. We were parked right next to her and if you don’t blink, you might catch a glimpse or two of the Mali Mish.

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Pictures from Three Points Ranch.

I posted a link to this place a while back. Remember? Well, I just ran across some more photos from a recent wedding that took place there… and couldn’t resist posting more pictures and links.

(pictures courtesy of

More pictures here, here and here. Enjoy.

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P.S. The Three Points Ranch does not sponsor us…  my pregnancy hormones are in full swing.


Three Points Ranch.

I just ran across this cool place in Texas called Three Points Ranch. If I ever get married again… umm… to the same man, of course… this might just be the place for us.

Check it out. Airstreams and barns and wildflowers.


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