We bought this camera as a backup when we needed to repair our Sony A7III. The A7III’s microphone jack when out and it was going to be months before we could receive the part for repair. This camera was release at the perfect time because it fixed all of the problems I had with the previous model A6400. This camera shares the same larger battery as the A7III and has IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization). The larger battery allow for nearly all day use which was one of the biggest complaint of the previous APS-C sensor cameras Sony released before. Since all of my lenses will work perfect with this, I bought it to use until the A7III is repaired. Now that I have both cameras, I really appreciate the lighter weight and smaller size of this camera. I actually use this camera more now than my repaired A7III. I only take out the A7III when I want to take advantage of the full frame sensor with my full-frame lenses. I would recommend this camera for anyone who is looking for a high quality and easy to use camera for YouTube content creation. It also happens to be a great stills camera. As compared to using a full-frame sensor in APS-C mode which reduces the resolution output, this camera will retain its full 24 megapixel output when using APS-C lenses.

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Manufacturer's Website: www.sony.com

Purchase Date: April 10th 2020

We Got Ours By: Full-Priced New Purchase

We Paid: $1499 (USD)

Lowest Price: $1249 (USD)

Highest Price: $1499 (USD)

Product Summary:

I would recommend this camera especially for those already in the Sony ecosystem. It is a perfect companion camera for the larger A7 series cameras. If you are a professional user working with high-end clients, you may wish for high data rate codecs and 10-bit video. But for personal use or YouTube, it is pretty close to a perfect camera.




Would We Recommend it? Yes

  • Larger battery for all-day use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Flip-up screen for selfie mode
  • 1080p, 120 fps mode  for slow motion video
  • Uses micro USB port instead of the USC type-C
  • Lower data rate codec than some competition
  • Does not allow third party batteries to be used
  • Only 8-bit video image
Product Specifications:
  • 24.2MP APS-C Exmor sensor w/ front end LSI and ISO up to 102,400
  • World’s fastest AF at 0.02 sec. w/ Real-time AF & object tracking
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization, 5 step shutter speed advantage
  • Up to 11fps continuous shooting at 24.2MP RAW w/ AF/AE tracking
  • Wide 425-phase/425-contrast detection AF points over 84% of sensor
  • Real-time AF Tracking, Real-time Eye AF for human, animal, movie
  • 4K Movie w/ 2.4x oversampling, full pixel readout, no pixel binning
  • Movie recording with mic. and 180-degree tiltable 3” touchscreen LCD
  • Enhanced BIONZ X image processing engine w/ front end LSI
  • XAVC S video, HLG, S-log2&3, slow/quick frame rates, 4:2:2 HDMI out
  • Interval recording for time-lapse video and S&Q for 1-120fps
  • Touch screen LCD for touch focus, tracking and shutter
  • Wi-Fi/NFC/QR code for easy file transfer and remote control
  • Dust and moisture resistant design
Product Video


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