We have used the original Rode Wireless Go for about a year before we upgraded to version 2. It adds a lot of amazing new features that make it a massive improvement to our workflow. We primarily use it to record videos, voiceovers, podcasts and livestreams. The best part is that we can now both have our own wireless microphone to record to separate channels that can be edited.

Check Latest Price: amzn.to

Manufacturer's Website: rode.com

Purchase Date: March 21st 2021

We Got Ours By: Full-Priced New Purchase

We Paid: $299 (USD)

Lowest Price: $270 (USD)

Highest Price: $300 (USD)




Would We Recommend it? Yes

  • 2 wireless units that records to separate tracks
  • Internal backup recording
  • Long battery life
  • Can be used over USB-C with computers are mobile devices
  • Does not come with battery charging case
Product Video


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