Turkish towels are a MUST if you live in a small camper like us. We use it daily for all kinds of things. I actually have two sets that we travel with. The first set is designated as bath towels. The second set is multifunctional and acts as beach towels, pool towels, tablecloths, privacy curtains and sarongs.

When new, the towels are thinner and rougher than the usual bath towel. But the more you use it and launder it, the softer it gets. Their best feature is how quickly they dry. No more worrying if my terry cloth towels are getting moldy hanging in my Airstream trailer, especially when it’s cold or rainy outside.

The kids really love them because they got to choose their own special color towel. The ones I ordered off on Amazon gave me a choice of colors to choose from. This was three years ago when we downsized into our truck camper and now it looks they have more cool colors and patterns. Maybe there’s a third set of Turkish towels in my future. Ha.



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