The modern USB-C Power Delivery port on computers are one of the biggest game changers for people like myself who works on the road. We are always looking for good ways to power our computers so we can stay charged. Pure sine wave inverters have served that purpose in the past but with computers running natively on DC power, using an AC power brick to power it from an inverter is a very wasteful method. It is much more efficient to charge directly using DC from your camper’s DC batteries. With both of our computers capable of charging over USB-C, we found this great charger that can provide the power our computers need directly from a 12-volt socket. This is a very affordable option to power all of your USB-C needs. With a max output of 90 watts, it will charge everything you own that has a USB-C charge port.

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Purchase Date: August 31st 2019

We Got Ours By: Full-Priced New Purchase

We Paid: $44.99 (USD)

Product Summary:

I looked for a lot of charging options and this is the one that works for both our MacBook Pro and a Dell XPS 15 laptop. It provides plenty of power and charged our computers very quickly. We loved it so much we bought 2.

Update (Sept 23rd 2020):
After nearly a year of service, this product did not hold up. It generate quite a bit of heat so the glued on cover has separated. The heat also makes be think about the components are possibly not designed properly. I am changing my recommendation from a yes to a no.

Manufacturer’s Product Description:
PWR+: Powering Millions of Laptops, Tablets and Electronic Gadgets and a go-to brand for premium replacement chargers and accessories since 2007. Pwr+ chargers manufactured with the highest quality materials and include multiple smart features safeguarding against IV – incorrect voltage, SC – short circuit, IO – internal overheating . UL/CE/FCC/RoHS certified.




Would We Recommend it? No

  • Well made and reliable
  • Long cable
  • Lightweight
  • High output with wide compatibility
  • Non-removeable USB-C cable
  • Not the highest quality build
Product Specifications:
  • FEATURES / POWER SPECS : Only Pwr+ Chargers Have Extra Long 10 Ft Power cords / Output Max: 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 12V 3A, 15V 3A, 20V 4.5A (30W 45W 60W 65W 85W 90W) / Input Volt: 12V / OEM Original Genuine Charger Laptop Adapter Power Cord Replacement by PWR+
  • COMPATIBILITY: HP Spectre x360 13 15 15T; HP Spectre X2 12; HP Spectre Pro 13 G1; HP Pavilion x2 10 12; HP Envy x360 15M; HP Elite X2 1012 G1 1012 G2; HP X2 210 G2; HP EliteBook Folio G1; HP Elitebook x360 1030 G2 1020 G2 1030 G3, Elitebook 840 G5 850 G5 1040 G4; HP Chromebook x360 11 EE, HP Chromebook 13 G1; HP Pro Tablet 608 G1; 792619-001, 815049-001, 828622-003, 828769-001, 844205-850, 860209-850, 904144-850, 918170-004, N8N14AA#ABL, TPN-DA04, TPN-LA01, V5Y26UT#ABA, X7W50AA#ABA
    10-n010ca 10-n013dx 10-n014dx 10-n023dx 10-n024dx 10-n0xx 10-n113dx 10-n114dx 10-n123dx 10-n124dx 10-p010nr 10-p020nr 10-p092ms 11-ae010nr 11-ae030nr 12-a001dx 12-a002dx 12-a008nr 12-a009nr 12-a010nr 12-a011nr 12-a012nr 12-a0xx 12-b010nr 12-b020nr 12-c012dx 13-ac013dx 13-ac023dx 13-ac033dx 13-ac063dx 13-ae011dx 13-ae012dx 13-ae013dx 13-ae015dx 13-af012dx 13-v011dx 13-v111dx 13-w013dx 13-w023dx 13-w063nr 13t-w000 15-bl012dx 15-bl018ca 15-bl075nr 15-bl112dx 15-bl152nr 15m-bp111dx 15m-bp112dx
  • SAFETY / UL LISTED: Tested, Approved and Certified by UL. UL number is unique. UL testing is authorized by OSHA – US Federal Agency
  • WARRANTY: 30 Days Refund – 24 Months Exchange. PWR+ is WA, USA based company. We are friendly Customer Support Experts


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