The Dometic CFX 65DZ was engineered with the most adventurous traveler in mind. Featuring a weatherproof construction, and a hermetically sealed Waco compressor, the CFX 65DZ will perform in the most extreme conditions. The CFX 65DZ also features an easy to use soft touch digital control panel that utilizes the internal temperature sensor to ensure your food stays at the exact temperature you desire. With the ability to utilize multiple power sources the CFX 65DZ can be used in your car, RV, home, boat, or off the grid utilizing solar.

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Driving to Krka National Park, Croatia. – Mali Mish · November 10, 2019 at 7:16 am

[…] And after lugging these little twinkling lights all over Europe, we finally hung them up today. A year’s not a long time, is it?!?! Haha. Awesome part is they plug right into the USB port of our Dometic cfx-65 top loading fridge. […]

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