When spending any amount of time in a camper, airflow is really important… especially when living in a small space full-time. We recommend installing two roof vents, ideally both being fans as well. This helps with personal comfort, heat from cooking and condensation from breathing, heaters and temperature change.

We owned Fantastic Fans in three of our campers (our Airstream, our Four Wheel Camper and our self-built Sprinter van) and think they are great. All had two fans installed in each except for the Four Wheel Camper which we regretted installing just a roof vent instead of the fan option . 

We’ve tried different models of the Fantastic Fan and we prefer the simple model without the rain sensor. Because we have 5 people in such a small space, the rain sensor can get triggered from our condensation. This is not ideal, especially when pets are adventuring with you.



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