As a traveler, getting all of your electronics to charge via USB is the ideal situation. Everything from phones, tablets, cameras to computers are now using the ubiquitous USB cable to charge. But keeping a bunch of wall warts is not exactly the most efficient use of space. We have used a lot of multi-port chargers in the past and this is our most recent favorite.

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Purchase Date: December 19th 2018

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We Paid: $29.99 (USD)

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Product Summary:

This charger is our current go-to AC charger for when we have access to AC power. It will charge 10 devices at the same time which is a great space saving feature. It also charges each device at a relatively fast speed so we can keep everything topped off and ready to go.




Would We Recommend it? Yes

  • 10 ports
  • 60 watts of power
  • 110/240 AC compatible
  • built-in on/off switch
  • Well built
  • Inexpensive
  • AC power only
  • No USB-C port
  • Does not come with European adapter
Product Specifications:
  • 10-port 60-watt USB wall charger for charging up to 10 devices at a time-great for phones, tablets, and other devices
  • Built-in device detection; provides up to 12 amps of power (each port 2.4 amps max); (does not support Quick Charge; devices equipped with Quick Charge will charge at normal speed)
  • Internal safety switch for ultimate protection; automatic shutoff; energy efficient
  • Lightweight and compact for convenient portability; charging cable not included; black
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